Our Services

At the core of our mission and solutions lie Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management. Brantands is committed to helping your company stay compliant and resilient in the face of evolving regulations. Our services are designed to protect your company by providing proactive risk management strategies that align with industry best practices.

Choose Brantands for expert guidance, a collaborative approach, and a commitment to safeguarding your company's future.


What would your company do if your customers were targeted online or your data privacy practices were questioned? Whatever your digital product or service or audience interaction strategy is, we analyse any threats posed for your business and employ an eye on the customer to deliver a scalable solution that will result in commercial success.


We have extensive experience scaling between 1,000 and 100,000 daily active users. We know what is required to build an app that scales. We'll also assist you in thinking big without spending a lot of money and will save your business time, energy and money as you scale up.


Working in the online industry from the early 1990s (before the term "online community" was even a concept), we are world-class experts in managing communities, moderation, and customer support. In focusing on conversations within your user base, We advise you on practical and adaptable solutions for every touchpoint with users and assist you in building trust and building loyalty.


We have a close relationship with policymakers worldwide, which allow us market insights, influence and guide the policy decisions and make proactive agreements that help you achieve your goals as an organisation. We can offer legal counsel to ensure that you comply with international and local laws.


We work with you to establish solid operational policies and procedures in all areas of your content, including privacy data collection, advertising customer service external communications, and escalation methods for law enforcement, considering compliance with legal requirements. We can also help you with regulatory frameworks, like COPPA for the US and GDPR within Europe.


Based on customer insight Based on customer insights, we collaborate with our trusted network of writers, designers, and other experts to develop content that increases user engagement as well as internal delivery. Examples of collateral we've created include The Vodafone Digital Parenting magazine, Mind Candy and PopJam.


We help you build stronger connections with your users, employees, policymakers, journalists and opinion leaders, as well as NGO advocates and other vital stakeholders, including NCMEC and CEOP in the US and CEOP in the UK. Including offering expert advice on communications and government relations and establishing advocacy and business advisory boards.


In this digital age, crises can impact the reputation of your company in a matter of minutes. We will work with you to find the red flag issues that could undermine the trust of your customers in your brand. We then develop an action plan to address these issues and assist in resolving problems quickly and efficiently.


We can assist you in ensuring that the safety of users is central to your digital service or product by identifying any online threats your users (especially youngsters) could face and then guiding the best practices for policies, guidelines, and training. When you focus on your users' safety, you can reassure them and take proactive steps to control the expectations of your other stakeholders.


To help your company prepare for mergers or acquisitions, We audit your products or services following established industry standards. We also reduce the risk for your customers and your brand. We also counsel entrepreneurs and venture capital firms, and other investors about the most significant risk factors and solutions that can be scalable in the due diligence procedure.


Our extensive network of contacts within the areas of safety and trust and community management, and customer advocacy will help you meet your needs for recruiting. We also provide customised employee training programs to ensure that your employees know the risks and challenge your users encounter online and respond appropriately.


Trained as media professionals, we are eager to do interviews, give information, or write guest blogs or articles concerning online privacy and digital health, gaming and online ads. We also frequently speak at and assist workshops and conferences.